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Embedded Computing Design fosters the largest electronics engineering community across digital, print, and live event platforms.

Embedded Computing Design is the leading source of in-depth technical knowledge, news, views, and instructional design content for the electronics engineering industry. Leveraging a 360-degree community outreach strategy comprised of sophisticated marketing automation tools, the embeddedcomputing.com website, digital newsletters, videos, podcasts, print magazines, and live events, each year Embedded Computing Design helps more than 500 partner organizations engage developers and achieve their marketing goals using a variety of customizable techniques.


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Embedded Daily Newsletter

The only daily newsletter in the embedded industry, delivering fresh content to nearly 10,000 engineers in the form of design articles, blogs, and news. Diverse coverage and real-time personalization (RTP) ensure engineers from every development niche stay up-to-date with the latest technology trends and solutions.


The industry’s most comprehensive source for Internet of Things development, featuring four different topics per month. Subscribers are immersed in embedded chips, kits, and development tools that support IoT development; short- and long-range wireless solutions; advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence; as well as topics of interest to the Industrial IoT community, such as security.

Embedded Europe Newsletter

The Embedded Europe monthly newsletter addresses distinct trends in the EMEA electronics engineering market. In addition, tracking transportation and rail, industrial, Industry 4.0, test and measurement, medical, and aerospace and defense, Embedded Europe features in-depth coverage of industry events such as Embedded World, electronica, SPS Drives, the National Electronics Show, and more.

Embedded AI & Machine Learning Newsletter

Focused on artificial intelligence (AI) & machine learning (ML) engineers, coverage includes the use of frameworks such as Caffe, Tensorflow, Torch, and SparkMLib, as well as enabling technologies for AI at the edge such as neural network processors and accelerators.


Embedded Insiders Podcast

Hosted on the embeddedcomputing.com website and Soundcloud, the Embedded Insiders Podcast delivers routine audio coverage of the embedded, IoT, security, automotive, AI, and other technology marketplaces in a light and fun format.

Embedded Executive Podcast

Each week, Embedded Computing Design’s EVP Rich Nass speaks to an executive in the embedded industry to understand what’s happening with the latest products, standards, and trends. The frank discussions reveal the real, behind the scenes issues, so the design community knows what’s coming down the pike. Topics covered in artificial intelligence, machine learning, embedded systems, internet of things, industrial automation, automotive applications, open source and more.

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