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Solving complex marketing challenges is our passion. Technology is our expertise. We provide our clients with the most effective approaches to connect them to the audiences that matter. 

What’s our specialty? Strategy and creativity mixed with expertise and experience.

Collaboration and communication are key. Understanding how you measure and define success will help us provide the right solutions. Messaging matters … we know what resonates. Delivering your content on the right platform to the right demographic is essential. Tracking and measuring the engagement is critical. Strengthening your footprint is our mission. 

If you want to be first thought, deliver cool content, be an engineer’s hero, influence decision makers, expand your reach, nurture, or feed your sales team meaningful leads, then engaging with our loyal, global community is what you need and where you need to be.

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Embedded Computing Design
Embedded Computing Design is a trusted partner for design and development information for the embedded community. Our content team communicates with the engineering community daily, through content channels that include blogs, design articles, podcasts, videos, news, and product information. Topic/application areas include industrial, IoT, automotive, AI/ML, security, automotive, medical/healthcare, consumer mass market, communications, and analog/power. Learn more…
Military Embedded Systems
Market your brand and solutions to our unique aerospace and defense audience of engineers and engineering managers working on radar, electronic warfare, avionics, artificial intelligence, cyber and other military/aerospace applications through newsletters, website (mil-embedded.com), custom content, e-lerts, native ads, webcasts, Print magazine and Resource Guide, Innovative Product Marketplace (for print and MES E-mag blast), videos, podcasts, and more. Learn more…